Web Development

We create websites for freelancers, companies, and organizations!

We treat every customer differently. we create custom website designs that help you to achieve your main goal – drive more visitors to your page. Even if you are on a budget, we promise you to find a solution.

Forget WordPress and Drupal – we use only innovative, fast-moving web technologies. We hate to wait while the page reloads, that’s why we use MeteorJS and ReactJS on the back-end in ALL of our projects. For clients, it means a faster website and smaller maintenance costs.

We will create a unique representation of your brand and work closely with you to figure out what solution works the best for the long term and assist you creating your web presence using Social Media and Google Business.

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Graphic Design

Logos, banners, flyers, book covers – graphic design is our passion.

Moreover, design plays a key role in creating websites. A good website starts with a unique and qualitative design. In order to achieve this, we treat every project differently and invest the first week of development solely on brushing the front-end of the website.

In many cases, start-ups and new companies don’t necessarily have a logo or a banner for advertising purposes. Instead of searching for a designer separately, we undertake this task with pleasure. Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator we can adapt to each client needs.

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App Creation

Mobile applications are the future.

With 90% of people possessing a smartphone, mobile apps have become a huge trend in the past few years. Having a mobile application increases your chance to be seen and heard.

Investment on advertisements on mobile phones reached 10 million in Germany in 2017, which proves that mobile applications are the next BIG THING.

We create Android and iOS applications using React Native, which allows a smooth connection with any Database, meaning that the same server can serve both – a website and mobile application. Faster loading speeds, better offline presentation are just a few advantages of the framework.

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Promise: Your online shop will generate you more customers with ReactionCommerce.

eCommerce experience has improved a lot in the past few years. From simple shopping carts to one-click shopping and subscription products – online shops should not be treated the same way they were treated before.

Let us take a special care of your shop – we will take you on the ride of the development process. From choosing the right colors that attract more visitors to designing custom functions for better shopping experience. Furthermore, we will teach you how to edit your content and avoid hiring costly programmers to modify your shop.

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Lukas Navickas

The day when I published my first website I realized my new passion – Web 2.0. My goal to become a professional web developer became a reality in 2012 when I got hired by a professional agency in Münster, Germany. In my 5 years of experience, I have learned the best practices and re-defined my goal – create an online business with a full-time employment. In 2017 my dream came true – together with 2 wonderful colleagues, we have established a unique web design and development company – Lukaswebsites.
Marketing Leader

Moritz Kaiser

“A website is the modern display window of a company. Its appearance and visibility decide whether to enter or to stay apart”. I come from business with an engineering background and I believe that networking, digitalization, and automation is the future. Enthusiastically I´m involved in the development of different, thrilling web-based high-tech startups. Together, we want to create websites that impress!

Arianna Morales

Drawing is my favorite activity since childhood. I remember seeing these exhibition flyers from 2010 and complaining – „what a bad orthography“, „wrong colors“ etc. I have been creating book covers, designing magazines, creating logos for brands and people for more than 8 years. After graduating from a private design school in 2016, I dedicated myself to creating graphic designs with impact. In 2017 I had a possibility to join Lukaswebsites and present my works to a broader audience!

What Our Clients Say

Our Pricing Plans

Cheaper than a typical agency, but more precise than a freelancer. From budget websites to highly customizable solutions

  • 300-500€


    Final price, No hidden costs
    Nice representation of your business
    • For local business
    • Unique design
    • Static website
    • No CMS
    Call: +49 17630138900
    eMail: hello@lukaswebsites.com
  • 600-900€


    Final price, No hidden costs
    Up your website and be able to customize it completely
    • For medium business
    • Unique design
    • Professional CMS
    • Highly customizable website
    Call: +49 17630138900
    eMail: hello@lukaswebsites.com
  • From 800€


    Final price, No hidden costs
    From eCommerce to very individual solutions
    • Custom solution
    • Unique representation
    • Custom logic and functions
    • Unlimited changes
    Call: +49 17630138900
    eMail: hello@lukaswebsites.com